Conservation Scientists

Conservation Geography relies on a team of associated scientists with expertise in biology, landscape ecology, and geospatial technologies in order to provide our partners with analyses and information founded on the best available science.

Robin Bjork, PhD.

Robin Bjork’s professional focus is conservation of wild birds, especially psittacines and other rare and endangered species—developing and coordinating programs that have application to restoration of habitats and populations. She holds a doctorate in wildlife science and a master’s degree in coastal ecology. Her past research has focused on documenting spatial patterns of waterbirds and migrant tropical birds with a goal of providing guidance to regional conservation planning. Working as an independent biological consultant for Zoo Conservation Outreach Group, her current Central American work focuses on the rare Three-wattled Bellbird in northern montane Honduras; through monitoring of bellbirds tagged with satellite transmitters, Robin and colleagues aim to identify this population’s migratory patterns and key seasonal habitats for protection

Michele Christ

Michele has spent eighteen years as a landscape ecologist. Throughout her career, she has worked in many team environments with various constituencies at national and international levels to communicate and promote science in developing large-scale land management goals and objectives. She participated on four well-known large ‘Collaboratives’ in the Northern Rockies developing wildlife and aquatic habitat restoration and mitigation projects. She also served on science committees and conservation boards for international, national, and federal organizations. The majority of her research has specifically addressed federal and state policy and public land management. She recently became a member of National Audubon Society’s Board as the Central-North Flyway Director. For the Golden Eagle Audubon Society, she volunteers her time as President and leads the organization in accomplishing conservation goals and objectives.

PJ Mitchell

Paul is a geographer with interests in cartography and GIS as applied to conservation advocacy and environmental characterization.  He has completed projects with local, regional, and national land trusts as well as conservation organizations in the Intermountain West, Southeast, Mid-Atlantic, and New England regions. Paul has his M.A. in Geography.